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Behind the scenes at the Detroit Red Wings treadmill

posted 2018-05-12T23:35:09 in Case Study

NHL teams arrange training clubs for their new reservations and prospects during the summer. Detroit Red Wings Head Coach saw last year’s training camp as an opportunity to introduce new players to the team as well as live in NHL in general.

“I think it’s important for new, young players to get to know their new environment well in advance,” Blashill explains, “spending time with both the team and the coaching staff. This will ease the load later when the player actually joins the team. After learning about the new environment, the player is able to do his best, so I think the camp plays an important role in the beginner’s career. If a player can imagine how hard it is to work or what other things to look at in a timely fashion, I think it is a great asset for both the player and the whole organization. ”

For the team’s new bookings and prospects, one important step towards NHL professionalism is the Firstbeat Sports method and the knowledge it provides.

Firstbeat Sports enables individual tracking of players’ load and recovery and, consequently, individual, fact-based training solutions. It also helps young players understand their body’s work and become better players.

In this Red Wings TV video, Firstbeat’s American partner, Pivot Sports Director John Lally, introduces how Red Wings physics coach Mike Kadar takes advantage of Firstbeat’s analytics in a unique team training.

To read more and watch a video, click here.

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