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Enhance Mats

Protect Your Football Sideline and Track Surface

posted 2018-05-12T22:27:07 in Product Announcement

New ‘GAME READY’ Field and Track Covers from Enhance Mats protect your track and field during games, practices, sideline warm ups, cheerleading activities and can easily transform and protect your track and football field for any non-sporting event such as commencement or other special activities, with ease and peace of mind.

Reduce costly maintenance and repairs with durable protection. Don’t settle for the old vinyl track covers and sideline covers that are slick when wet and wrinkle underfoot, causing a trip hazard.

Made of tufted polypropylene with a perforated backing for drainage, Enhance Mats high durability covers prevent costly damage to sod and track surfaces caused by players’ steel tipped cleats, maintenance vehicles, equipment wheels and walking traffic. The cushioned polypropylene matting permits water to pass drain through the cover while it protects your track and field surface.

Simply roll your cover out for Game Day, school activities, summer camp, graduation or other special events….it stays flat and smooth and is easily rolled up for storage. ‘Game Ready’ comes in 13’ 2” widths with heavy duty reducer edging as needed. Sections can easily be laid side by side or end to end to protect larger areas. Covers are planned in sections to allow easy deployment and take up. Heavy Duty reducer edging can be added to any side as needed. The weight of the cover keeps it in place, simply roll up and transport for easy storage.

PRODUCT BENEFITS: Spike proof, stain proof, will not ripple or curl, ultra durable, drainable material, crush resistant, mold and mildew resistant, stays in place without the need for tack down, reduces costly maintenance and repairs to track and turf.

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