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Designing Your Indoor Basketball Court

posted 2018-05-11T02:37:01 in Blog

Designing an indoor basketball court can be a daunting challenge for any facility. GARED Sports can help athletic directors meet their goal of determining the most functional layout for their particular space, while at the same time providing equipment that fits the needs of their participants, personnel, and overall budget. When taking the first step, evaluating the play level of your facilities participants, athletic directors can check out GARED’s high school and NCAA basketball court diagrams to see exact dimensions needed for regulation play.

Once athletic directors have assessed their facility’s play level, they can begin to configure the space. This includes deciding how many courts are needed, and whether a divider curtain is necessary to provide more separation during practices or drills. Athletic directors also have to take into account building limitations, which could include oddly placed heating and air conditioning ductwork or roof structures and beam placements that are not ideal for hanging equipment from. Regardless of your particular building type, safety should always be your top priority.

Another factor to take into consideration is the number of different sports that will be using the facility. Sports equipment manufacturers such as GARED are paying attention to the challenges of fitting increasingly more sports activities into the same facility by offering numerous options for versatile equipment in order to maximize use and minimize set up time for facility personnel. Athletic directors can more easily configure their space to meet this challenge with GARED’s ceiling-suspended and wall-mounted basketball systems, as well as portable basketball systems, backboard height adjusters, and divider curtains. At the same time, athletic directors can also use GARED’s equipment technology to increase employee efficiency, while staying within an allotted budget.

Check out this blog to learn more about designing an indoor basketball court, and how GARED can help athletic programs each step of the way: Click here.

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