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Functional, Full-Body Power

posted 2018-05-09T12:30:36 in Video

Creating newer, better, and more exciting workouts for your athletes can be a struggle. With the TRXⓇ Rip™ Training Kit from OPTP, athletic trainers and strength coaches can now offer their athletes an innovative, full-body challenge. Athletes using the TRXⓇ Rip™ Training Kit will improve core strength, rotational power, flexibility, and endurance while working in all three planes of motion. And there is no need to worry about athletes becoming used to or bored with the workouts, as the Rip Trainer delivers a functional, full-body workout for athletes of all levels.

Coaches and athletic trainers can also better transfer weight room work to the field of play, as the Rip Trainer uses asymmetrical loading to train athletes’ bodies for the motions that they will encounter in their sport. With the ability to easily set up the Rip Trainer with any secure anchor point, coaches and athletic trainers can implement this product into any athletic program.

Watch this video to see OPTP’s TRXⓇ Rip™ Training Kit in action:


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