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Stroboscopic Visual Training: a Pilot Study with Three Elite Youth Football Goalkeepers

posted 2018-05-04T03:39:50 in Research

Abstract Stroboscopic visual training (SVT) is a recent tool aimed at improving visual and perceptual performance by having individuals perform activities under conditions of intermittent vision.

Research has shown it to improve skills such as visual memory1, anticipation2, and dynamic acuity3, whilst the anecdotal evidence for its benefits is even greater4. The present pilot study is novel in SVT research in its inclusion of qualitative data collection methods and its use of participants.

Three elite, youth football goalkeepers (Experimental Group or EG) took part in a 7-week SVT programm, and their performance on 10 measures of visual and perceptual skills was compared with three matched control participants (Control Group or CG). Individual, semi-structured interviews were also conducted with the EG participants prior to the post-test. In general, there were no differences in the changes from pre-test to post-test and retention test between EG and CG participants in 9 of the 10 measures. EG participants did, however, show consistent improvements in visual response time at post-test and retention test, whilst the CG participants did not. 

And here is the complete paper on Stroboscopic Visual Training

1Appelbaum et al. Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 74 1681–1691, 2012

2Smith and Mitroff International Journal of Exercise Sciences 5 344–353, 2012

3Holliday All Graduate Plan B and Other Reports 262, 2013

4Athletic Republic NFL Players SEE SPORT BETTER with the Nike SPARQ Vapor Strobe.

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