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Football Goal Boards

posted 2018-04-26T21:05:04 in Product Announcement


While most high schools are in the heart of the spring seasons, it’s not too early to start thinking about the upcoming football season. And one must-have for many coaches is a goal board where they can post team goals for items like points scored and allowed, turnovers, yardage, and similar stats. These boards make it clear what it will take to win games and get players thinking about team statistics instead of individual ones.

Coaches can bring a professional look to these displays by using boards from Austin Plastics, Inc. They can choose from boards with space for common goals for each week of the season or they can design their own custom boards to meet their specific needs. Either way, boards are lightweight and are available in various colors. Coaches can also add their own logos if they’d like.

When it comes to updating these boards, coaches have two options. They can order engraved plates that slide into each week’s squares to indicate whether the goals were met. Or they can print off paper strips to fill in the squares. Either way, updating the boards is quick and easy.

With a small investment before the season, coaches can help players direct their focus properly during the season and hopefully win more games.

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