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Perform Better

Perform Better is the leader in Functional Training equipment and education.

1600 Division Rd
West Warwick, RI 02893

Phone: (800) 556-7464; (401) 942-9363
Fax: (800) 682-6950

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Metabolic Stability Series: The Overhead Press

The overhead press is one of the biggest battles in functional fitness isn’t it? Should you, or should you not press overhead?! Before presenting a viewpoint on this, ¬†it is worth discussing how when someone’s knee or low back is “bad” we don’t avoid these areas and we do everything in our power to restore …

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Challenging New Way to Build Strength & Power

Perform Better introduces¬†a unique training tool called The Tread. It can be flipped, carried and jumped on. It is constructed of durable foam and heavy-duty vinyl with reinforced top handles, making it easy to perform farmers carries as well. There are three weight options, making these perfect for anyone to use, and they can be …

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