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Monlylcke Health Care provides numerous infection prevention products including HIBICLENS? and Hibistat?. HIBICLENS? is a broad spectrum antiseptic antimicrobial skin cleansing soap possessing bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal properties. Hibiclens offers continuous killing action for up to 6 hours after washing which has been shown to help prevent the transfer of potentially dangerous pathogens from surfaces or skin to skin. Hibistat? hand antiseptic is a fast acting antimicrobial protection and provides a broad spectrum of activity. Hibistat? fights germs much longer than soap and water, or isopropyl alcohol alone and requires no water for use. Because of the quick-drying formula Hibistat is ideal for use in the field or the facility, serving as a portable defense you can carry with you when regular hand washing is not an option. Molnlycke Health Care is also a proud supporter of the NATA, APIC, the NWCA and other organizations committed to reducing skin infections in the hospital and community.

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