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Eversan, Inc.

Scoreboards, timers, message signs, and video displays.

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Whitesboro, NY 13492

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A Multi-Purpose Solution

Most schools utilize their gymnasium for a myriad of activities, but purchasing separate equipment for every sport can get expensive. Athletic directors can decrease their spending and become more efficient with the Indoor Multi-Purpose LED Scoreboard from Eversan, Inc. With 12-inch LED digits for Home, Guest, and Time, coaches and athletic directors don’t have to …

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Unique, Durable Scoreboards

During a game, the last thing a softball or baseball coach wants is for their athletes or spectators to miss a second of the action. But coaches and athletic directors don’t have to be concerned about this anymore with the Baseball/Softball Scoreboard (Model 9376) from Eversan, Inc. Everyone in attendance can keep up with each …

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Portable Scoring

When a coach has to travel to another field or gymnasium for a home game, they often have someone keep score with a pen and paper. Coaches no longer have to worry about this, or about their fans and athletes not knowing the score at any given time, with the Portable Indoor/Outdoor L.E.D Tabletop Scoreboard …

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Elevate Your Game

As athletic budgets decrease, programs are looking for new ways to give their teams the best equipment possible without breaking the bank. Athletic directors can now offer multiple teams the same quality scoring experience with the Basketball/Volleyball/Wrestling Scoreboard & Timer from Eversan, Inc. With an 180-degree viewing angle provided by an innovative design, fans, athletes, …

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Enter to Win a Free Scoreboard

Eversan, Inc. is celebrating this great month in sports by giving away a scoreboard. You can enter the drawing by clicking below. Enter the Drawing now.

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Product Announcement

Wireless, Durable Shot Clocks

Keeping up with growing sports and their athletes is important for athletic directors and coaches. This can be made easier with the Lacrosse Shot Clock System from Eversan, Inc. With this system coaches and athletic directors can be certain that they are getting the best product possible, as Eversan has over 35 years of scoreboard …

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Dependable, High-Quality Scoreboards

Coaches and athletic directors can give their athletes and spectators the best experience possible with scoreboards from Eversan, Inc. And there are many options to choose from, as Eversan’s Wide-angle Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Rated for 100,000 hours of lifetime, coaches and athletic directors can also be …

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Heighten the Game Experience

Coaches and athletic directors can now ensure that their fans won’t miss a single exciting moment of any game with LED Video Displays from Eversan, Inc. With ultra-bright LEDs as well as an extra-wide viewing angle, attendees are given exceptional quality and crystal-clear live imaging for any event. And since competition moves fast, coaches and …

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Solar-Powered Scoreboards

Now more than ever, athletic programs are searching for newer and better ways to use clean energy and sustain natural resources for future generations. With Eversan’s solar system, athletic directors can power any scoreboard system under 14’ long with free renewable energy. This system also allows scoreboards to be placed almost anywhere, as athletic directors …

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