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Frameless sliding window system for press boxes and luxury suites.

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See What Difference Frameless Windows Make

Seeing is believing. So take a look below at the ways G2L Window Systems can help your facilities. G2L Window Systems offer a frameless, sliding window solution that is perfect for stadium press boxes and luxury boxes. Occupants can open the windows when the weather is nice and fully enjoy the sounds and smells of …

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Watch in Comfort

Football isn’t the only sport where spectators may want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the game and also be protected from the elements. The weather at lacrosse games can also get nasty at times, which is why G2L® Window Systems were the perfect solution for the boxes at the Ridley Intercollegiate Athletic Complex …

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A Multi-Sport Star

While talk about luxury suites and expansive press boxes usually conjures up visions of football stadium and six-figure crowds, these facilities are just as important at smaller venues as well. Dallas Baptist University has one of the top baseball programs in NCAA Division I and a facility to match. They went to G2L Window Systems …

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It All Started in Arkansas

Back in 2004, legendary University of Arkansas Athletic Director Frank Broyles made a request of a local glass company. He wanted premium seating areas at Razorback Stadium to have windows that could be closed in bad weather and opened in nice weather—without having supports or other hardware blocking the view. RCG Glass in Fayetteville, Ark., …

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See What You Could Be Missing

Sometimes in sports, people talk about addition by subtraction. This has nothing to do with math, but everything to do with the idea that by removing a player from a team, you can make that team better. Nowhere is that more concept obvious than when a facility starts using Game to Life Window Systems (G2L) …

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Just Like the College Programs

You might think that finding the top-quality window systems for press boxes and luxury boxes would be reserved for colleges and universities. But high schools can also benefit from frameless window systems by G2L Window Systems. The Plemons-Stinnett-Phillips Consolidated Independent School District in Texas used G2L to supply the window system for a state-of-the-art press …

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Big-time windows for smaller fields

With a capacity of 1,200 fans, Duffy Bass Field at Illinois State University is not the largest in college baseball. But its press box view ranks with any of its bigger counterparts, thanks to Game to Life Window Systems® from RGC Glass. Often found in large, major-power football stadiums, G2L Window Systems are designed specifically …

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Improve the fan experience

News reports across the country have detailed the challenges athletic directors face in getting people into their stadiums for football games. Even national power houses are seeing declines in attendance as schools face competition from other entertainment sources and the plethora of televised games fans can watch from their living room. In an effort to …

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Case Study

Authentic Viewing Experience

Press boxes and luxury suites can provide a great view of the action, but they can also isolate you from the true game day atmosphere. Fortunately, Game to Life Window Systems has found the solution. In September 2017, Franklin and Marshall College approached G2L about installing one of their clear, custom fabricated window systems at …

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Seeing is Believing

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s a lot easier to sell people on an idea when they can see it. But how do you get people to see things that are still only in the planning stage? At G2L Window Systems, they use a virtual walkthrough to show people …

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