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Prepare for a record-setting volleyball season

The volleyball season is about to begin, and here’s hoping that your team has a record-setting season.  And Austin Plastics & Supply offers a special way to keep track of the records that you teams members establish this year. Austin Plastics offers stock boards  to meet the unique records kept for volleyball. They’re 48 inches wide …

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Using your depth chart as a motivator

During the next month, the football season will be underway across the country with the start of pre-season practices. Coaches will need to maintain depth charts to manage the large rosters that are part of the sport. Head football coaches communicate the depth chart to their assistants and coaches in various ways.  One of the …

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Time to plan for football

It’s only a few month before the football season starts and coaches and athletic directors are busy ordering equipment for their team and facilities. And one must-have for many football coaches is a team record board where they can post team records for items like points scored and allowed, turnovers, yardage, and similar stats. These …

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Time to Think About Track & Field Record Boards

Austin Plastics specializes in track and field record boards. They offer stock boards  to meet the unique records kept for the sport.  They are available in the following sizes: 72″x120″, 45″x80″and 38″x48.”  You can also create your own custom boards  to meet your specific needs. Boards are available for use with both engraved name plates and …

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Honor Your Basketball Team Records

As your school’s basketball season is drawing to a close, consider adding a record board in your gymnasium to honor the accomplishment of current and past team members. Austin Plastics offers both Basketball Record Boards like the one shown above. Board sizes range from 48″ x 48″ to 48″ x 84″ and start as low …

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Product Announcement

Record Boards Suited for the Diamond

Baseball and softball season is just around the corner, so this a perfect time to think about the best way celebrate the accomplishments of these teams. Austin Plastics & Supply offers a large variety of record display boards designed specifically for baseball and softball. Most focus on individual season and career records for pitching and …

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Record Boards Made for Power Lifting

Numbers are a big part of many sports, including power lifting. Celebrate the accomplishments of your power lifters with record display boards made specifically for the sport by Austin Plastics & Supply. These boards allow you to display top performers in squat, bench, deadlift, and total for 11 weight classes. Depending on the model, you …

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Records to Shoot For

With basketball season on the way, give your players something to shoot for with record and goal boards from Austin Plastic and Supply. Austin has a varsity of record boards to celebrate top performances. You can choose the categories you want to include and whether you want to use engraved name plates or easy-to-update card …

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Find The Right Depth Chart Board

With football resuming at schools across the country, coaches are preparing for the task of managing the large rosters that are part of the sport. To help in this effort, many coaches rely on depth chart boards to show where everybody stands. These boards recognize those who have put in the time and effort to …

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Highlight Top Pool Performers

Few sports keep as close an eye on records as swimming and diving. Swimmers constantly compare their marks against the school and pool records, hoping to someday see their name on the big board. Make sure that your record boards are reflective of record-setting performance by getting them from Austin Plastics & Supply. They have …

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