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Pressure Positive Co., The

The Pressure Positive Company is a family owned business located outside of Philadelphia, PA. They have been developing and manufacturing high quality massage tools that enrich the lives of people since 1979. These products were among the first of their kind to be made commercially available anywhere, and they are a perfect example of how the science often supports the simplest of treatment approaches. Manual therapists use ischemic compression or deep, sustained pressure on trigger points and sore muscles to cause painful, dysfunctional muscle to relax. Pressure Positive's deep muscle massage tools allow both patient and caregivers to apply the same kind of compression to painful muscles as a regular part of everyday self care. Educating a patient or client about soft tissue pain and then offering an inexpensive, safe, simple and effective means to manage the dysfunction holds the key to healing. Praised by both clients and health care professionals for their easy-to-use, proven design, self care massage tools from The Pressure Positive Company help extend professional therapy into ongoing, effective and practical self care.

128 Oberholtzer Rd.
Gilbertsville, PA 19525

Phone: (800) 603-5107; (610) 754-6204
Fax: (610) 754-6327

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