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OPTP supplies healthcare professionals and individuals with innovative therapy and fitness products as well as educational publications.

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The Stretch Out Strap®

Essential items that every athlete carries in their gym bag include a water bottle, an iPod or MP3 player and energy bars. In addition, almost all athletes carry a Stretch Out Strap in their bag—and here are a few reasons why. Flexibility and strength go hand in hand. The Stretch out Strap allows for dynamic …

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Choosing a Foam Roller in Three Steps

Foam rollers have become one of the most popular athletic training tools of all time, yet with so many options on the market, it can be difficult (and slightly overwhelming) to figure out which type is best to purchase. “Trying to decide which foam roller is best for you isn’t as easy as you might …

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Black AXIS® Roller Box Sale

OPTP is offering six full round 36″ x 6″ Black AXIS Rollers at an unbeatable price. The normal retail price is $126.  The current sales price is $80.95.  Special pricing available for health/fitness professionals. The Black AXIS is OPTP’s most-firm, highest-density foam roller, as it handles high-use demands of sports training, Pilates, fitness and physical …

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Adding Variety and Stability

Strength coaches and athletic trainers can now add a wider variety of exercises to their athletes’ regimen with the OPTP Stability Trainer. Athletes using the Trainer can improve strength and functionality throughout their bodies with balance and core stabilization exercises. With its compact size, coaches can easily take the OPTP Stability Trainer along on any …

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Increasing Athlete Support and Comfort

Athletes can now experience more joint support and comfort during fitness and physical therapy exercises with the new Performance Block from OPTP. As athletes engage in exercises using the Performance Block, they will increase not only their core strength, but also their flexibility and muscle endurance. At the same time, they will achieve greater joint …

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Stretching Stronger

Most sport coaches, strength coaches, and athletic trainers have had the experience of running out of time in a training session. Unfortunately, one of the activities that is often pushed to the side is stretching. With the Stretch Out Strap™ from OPTP, coaches and athletic trainers can more easily implement stretching into their training programs, …

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Functional, Full-Body Power

Creating newer, better, and more exciting workouts for your athletes can be a struggle. With the TRXⓇ Rip™ Training Kit from OPTP, athletic trainers and strength coaches can now offer their athletes an innovative, full-body challenge. Athletes using the TRXⓇ Rip™ Training Kit will improve core strength, rotational power, flexibility, and endurance while working in …

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Enhance Athletes’ Exercise Routines

Coaches and athletic trainers can now offer their athletes better alignment, posture, and joint support throughout a variety of movements and exercise routines with the Performance Wedge from OPTP. Athletes can use the Performance Wedge as an assistant for alignment and form during squats, planks, push ups, and balance-related movements. Throughout their workout with the …

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Effective, Dynamic Balance Training

Coaches and athletic trainers can now help their athletes build better balance and move more efficiently with the M-Board™ 1.1 Dynamic Balance Trainer from OPTP. When using the Balance Trainer, athletes will not only develop superior balance, but also core and leg strength and overall proprioception. Instead of static balance and side-to-side movement, athletes work …

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Versatile Workouts

Coaches and athletic trainers can now help increase their athletes’ strength, flexibility, and range of motion with the Sanctband Resistive Tubing with Handles. With four color-coded levels of resistance, athletes can progress through their exercises as their strength increases. Coaches can also use the Sanctband Resistance Tubing to increase muscle endurance by having their athletes …

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