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Mateflex is the original modular flooring manufacturer in the United States, since 1974.

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Utica, NY 13501

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The New Age of Sports Surfaces

ProGym Plank takes modular athletic flooring to the next level. Mateflex is the oldest U.S Modular tile manufacturer and continues finding new ways to make sports flooring better. It has revolutionized the industry with ProGym Plank, the most realistic wood look modular tile and the only one available in the shape of a wood plank.  …

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PlankFlex Takes Flooring to Next Level

PlankFlex by Matéflex takes modular flooring to the next level in beauty and functionality. PlankFlex is the first solid-top tile that marries quality floor finishes with the versatility and durability of a raised modular floor. PlankFlex has a unique construction that allows for airflow and keeps the surface away from potential dampness. Each tile is …

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Heavy Weight Mats For Any Weightroom

Heavy Weight Mats by Mateflex are specially designed exercise mats and gym floor mats that can be used within a variety of athletic facilities, including high schools and universities. As a loose lay product, the mats can move or expand when they need to and are available in different thicknesses that make for the perfect weight …

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Wood Gym Flooring vs. Modular Tile Flooring

Which is better: a traditional wooden gym floor made from a beautiful hardwood like maple, or a more modern modular flooring made from a high impact polypropylene? There are pros and cons to both options in terms of cost, installation, maintenance, uses and customization, and aesthetics; some of the similarities between the two might surprise …

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Flooring Tennis Players Across the Country

For more than 40 years, Mateflex has manufactured the highest-quality tennis court surfaces, offering safe, durable, high-performance modular flooring to the most prestigious tennis programs. Matéflex provides professional design and factory-direct tennis court installation services to help you build your own tennis court that will perfectly suit your needs and support safe, winning play. Once in place, this sophisticated, state-of-the-art …

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Sports & Fitness Flooring Fundamentals for Your Facility

There are many things to consider when making flooring selections for different sports and fitness applications. John Gleason, Marketing Manager at Mateflex, provides the following suggestions for determining the type of surface for your facility construction or renovation project. “The first step is to clearly identify what sport use and fitness applications, as well as …

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Mateflex Enables You to Design Your Own Court

The Matéflex Court Builder is designed to help athletic departments build flooring, surfacing and courts for facilities, such as volleyball courts, surfaces for gymnasium or multi-purpose facilities, outdoor basketball courts, paddle tennis courts, and more. Access the Court Builder and Select: The size of flooring or court you need; the colors for the main surface, …

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Flooring with Unmatched Performance and Durability

Are you looking for a flooring solution that can meet the needs of multiple athletic programs in your facility? America’s leading athletic pros choose quality Mateflex Flooring for professional grade modular flooring solutions with nationwide installations. From the nation’s best college sports programs to the highest-volume gyms to the busiest community activity centers, leading sports …

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Bold Courts from Mateflex

This municipality was looking for a way to improve their outdoor basketball court using HomeCourt sport tiles from Mateflex. The court was installed in a matter of a few days, featuring vibrant color choices that are truly eye-catching, making this an incredible investment. Homecourt is one of several options that Mateflex supplies for courts that can be …

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New Ideas

Durable and Versatile Flooring

Mateflex’s newest product, ProGym Plank, looks just like a hardwood basketball court but is much more durable. It is the most unique design of a modular flooring product in the shape of a 4″ x 36″ plank. It has a polypropylene plastic base with a vinyl tile inserted into it with a real maple wood …

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