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Hydration solutions don’t have to be heavy and cumbersome

When your athletes are out in the heat, they need to stay hydrated to stay focused and healthy. The folks tasked with keeping them hydrated don’t need the added worry of back injury from lifting and carrying heavy coolers of water and ice. From cooler-mounted Gravity Manifolds to spigot-pressurized chiller systems to self-contained, 55-gallon, pump-pressurized …

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Big Screen Performance on Any Field

Waterboy Sports products have appeared on the big screen—again. Following its appearance as a prop in “When The Game Stands Tall,” “Friday Night Lights,” and “The Waterboy,” the Horizontal Power Filling Station starred alongside Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne in Paramount Pictures’ “Instant Family,” which was released in November 2018. In the scene, Wahlberg and …

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Waterboy Sports hits the Big Screen

Athlete hydration is serious business, but that doesn’t mean there can’t be a fun side as well. Waterboy Sports recently enjoyed a moment in the sun as its Horizontal Power Filling Station received some screen time along side Mark Wahlberg in the motion picture “Instant Family,” which debuted on Nov. 16. When not captivating film …

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Hydration is Serious Business

Waterboy Sports has hydration systems to fit every need and every program, from cooler-mounted, four-nozzle Gravity Manifolds to fully self-contained tank and pump systems with bottle-filling technology. Regardless of size and type, every sports program has to keep their athletes (and staff) hydrated to protect them from heat-related illness and maximize performance. “Over 20 years …

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Great Athletes Deserve Superior Hydration

Since the mid-1990s, Waterboy Sports has been working and innovating to keep athletes hydrated and safe during both practice and in the heat of competition. They have continued this work with the Generation 2 Horizontal Power Model. Athletes will not have to worry about running low on water as this model comes with a 55-gallon …

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Think Hydration, Think Waterboy

As the days get hotter, keeping athletes healthy and hydrated becomes increasingly important. With Waterboy’s line of Gravity-Fed Hydration Systems, coaches and athletic trainers can be certain that their athletes are getting the water they need whether at practice or during competition. And athletic programs of any size can benefit from these systems, as they …

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Product Announcement

Gen 2 Flex-Fountain Makes Multi-Tasking Possible

Athletic directors and athletic trainers across the country are raving about the Generation 2 Flex-Fountain by Waterboy Sports, which can be used virtually anywhere—even athletic department staff meetings, parent information sessions, and events. Its portable and lightweight design features two wheels that allow anyone to be able to move the unit, and the fountain serves …

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Must Have Filling Stations

Waterboy Sports offers a complete line of hydration products that make the lives of athletic trainers and coaches everywhere that much easier. Athletic departments can even choose to customize these systems, including everything from minor modifications to custom installations. Coaches and athletic directors everywhere are currently buzzing about the Horizontal Chiller Filling Station, a wagon-mounted, …

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Four Gravity-Fed Hydration Solutions

Those staple hydration units you’ve been seeing on the sidelines for years have a name: Gravity-fed Hydration Systems by Waterboy Sports. With four drinking nozzles available in five- and 10-gallon sizes, Waterboy Sports’ Gravity-fed Hydration Systems continue to be the trusted choice of athletic programs at the high school, collegiate, and professional levels. Economical and …

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The Filling Station Advantage

Contamination and inefficiency are a thing of the past. Featuring patented quick fill technology, full, clean bottles are always ready for your team thanks to The Filling Station by Waterboy Sports. “The filling station does so many more things than really we could have asked for,” says Ed Croson, Head Football Coach at Chaminade High …

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