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Among the world's premier commercial fitness brands, Matrix has the most robust product portfolio in the industry.

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Is your HIT Class Really HIT?

by Phil Campbell M.S., M.A., ACSM-CPT, FACHE HIIT is the hottest workout worldwide according to the American College of Sports Medicine. This is not surprising. Research shows HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) produces superior results to all other forms of exercise and people see and feel results in just a few weeks — if they are …

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A look behind the innovative design of the S-Drive Trainer

Matrix fitness began the development of its S-Drive Performance Trainer the same way it developed its other products—by listening to the needs of its customers and the professionals who train athletes. In developing the S-Drive, Matrix discovered that athletic performance training facilities were looking for a tool to help athletes take on the 30-second all-out …

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Believe in Better

What started as a campaign has grown into an unofficial corporate motto for the constant yearning to improve. At Matrix, “Believe in Better” means that there is no finish line. The company can always strive to work harder, take ideas farther, do more. Matrix dwells in that luminous intersection of continuous hope, constant inspiration and …

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Philadelphia 76ers Powered by Matrix Fitness

The NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers wanted to create a state-of-the-art fitness facility for their hard-working employees, as a way to reward the organization’s staff who have worked so hard to make the 76ers one of the rising franchises in the league.  The organization worked with Matrix Fitness Systems to provide a complete line of strength and …

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Unleash Explosive Athletic Performance

The S-Drive Performance Trainer by Matrix Fitness has exploded in popularity across the world of athletic training. With the ability to simulate sled pushing and pulling in a small space, more and more athletic trainers are buying into the S-Drive’s benefits. The S-Drive features both a sled brake and a parachute brake, which can both …

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Case Study

Game-Changing Strength Facility and Equipment

Elite athletes demand elite equipment, and Vernon Smith of the Marian University Knights expected no less. A world-class facility to take their athletes to the next level! Smith turned to Matrix Fitness Systems to help him achieve his goals in giving his athletes the tools to improve athletic performance.  He worked with the company to …

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Trusted by the Baltimore Ravens

As the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Baltimore Ravens and founder of Power Train Sports and Fitness, Steve Saunders is tasked with staying on top of the latest trends in the fitness equipment industry. During recent equipment upgrades to the Ravens’ Under Armour Performance Center and Saunders’ multiple facilities, Saunders chose Matrix because …

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Facility Showcase: Philadelphia 76ers

Matrix Fitness is no stranger to the National Basketball League, where the Philadelphia 76ers outfitted a new athletic facility with top-of-the-line Matrix innovations. However, the renovated space wasn’t meant for the athletes. “We have the largest ticket sales staff here in all of sports. We wanted to create a facility that was, quite frankly, a …

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Product Announcement

Helping Athletes Reach Ultimate Potential

New: Magnum Series Glute Trainer for muscle tone and power. Matrix is excited to announce yet another product to its portfolio: the new Magnum Series Glute Trainer. With glute training becoming more popular than ever, the Glute Trainer offers users a better way to tone muscles and build power while improving hip and core stability. …

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S-Drive Pushes Athletes of All Kinds

By now, strength and conditioning coaches and athletic trainers are well aware of the amazing benefits of training athletes on Matrix’s S-Drive Performance Trainer, but not many know the full story of how this innovation was created in the first place. “To develop the S-Drive Performance Trainer, we began as we always do, by listening …

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