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Enhance Mats

Enhance Mats, a nationwide leader in branded logo floor coverings, offers custom logo carpet and mats for locker rooms, entryways, recruiting pathways, weight rooms, stadium ramps, lobbies, common areas and gymnasiums. Enhance Mats also features protective gym floor covers with easy handling and compact storage systems.

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Enhance Safety with Wall Mats and Padding

Wall padding is critical for safety and protection in any indoor or outdoor athletic facility. From basketball and volleyball courts to the weight room, Enhance Mats believes that there is no compromise in providing a safe environment for student-athletes, staff, and fans. “With over 30 years of experience, our knowledgeable team are available to guide …

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The Simple Way To Brand Locker Rooms

Hundreds of collegiate, high school, and professional teams across the United States all have one thing in common: they’ve created a lasting impression of team pride for their campus communities by asking Enhance Mats to completely make over their locker rooms. These teams would also agree that the most important design element in any locker …

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Customize Floor Mats in Four Easy Steps

Athletic directors are relied on to do anything necessary to ensure their departments run smoothly. But when one of those tasks involves ordering new floor mats, it can be tricky to know where to start. Luckily, Enhance Mats has been walking athletic departments through this process for years. With dynamic colors available and high performance …

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How Courtside Runners Can Assist Your Athletes

On the court, an athlete’s worst nightmare is losing their traction, and when they do, dirty floors are usually to blame. That’s why Enhance Mats is blasting away a misconception about Courtside Gym Floor Runners, which are commonly thought of only as a protective layer between a finished gym floor and chairs, tables, or stands. …

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How Logos Can Affect the Recruiting Process

Enhance Mats believes it is possible to inspire legendary performances out of your athletes through amazing athletic facilities, and an essential part of success is your school’s ability to convey excellence and accomplishment. This can be done visually, and Enhance Mats has the expertise to create a powerful on-campus experience for recruits, donors, alumni, and …

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Inspiring Legendary Performances Through Amazing Facilities

As an athletic director, how can you convey your school’s spirit, brand, accomplishments, and story of excellence in your facilities? Visually – with every step! Creating a powerful experience for recruits, donors, alumni, and fans begins at the front door, and branding athletic facilities has become increasingly important in the greatly competitive industry of college …

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Protect Your Football Sideline and Track Surface

New ‘GAME READY’ Field and Track Covers from Enhance Mats protect your track and field during games, practices, sideline warm ups, cheerleading activities and can easily transform and protect your track and football field for any non-sporting event such as commencement or other special activities, with ease and peace of mind. Reduce costly maintenance and …

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10 Floor Cover Features Your Gym Must Have

Are you concerned that your school’s gym floor cover may be unsafe? Enhance Mats knows that the only way to ensure safety in your gymnasium is by having the right products in place.  The company has created a list of the top 10 features that your gym floor protection should have. “We take the safety and …

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Case Study

What Causes More Damage to Gym Floors? The Answer May Surprise You.

Here’s a scenario: a 6,000-lb. Elephant and someone wearing high heels decide to take a stroll on your newly-finished gym floor. What is going to cause more damage? While an elephant visiting your gym is on the unlikely side, it is more than possible for some of your visitors to be wearing high heels, which …

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