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Enhance Mats, a nationwide leader in branded logo floor coverings, offers custom logo carpet and mats for locker rooms, entryways, recruiting pathways, weight rooms, stadium ramps, lobbies, common areas and gymnasiums. Enhance Mats also features protective gym floor covers with easy handling and compact storage systems.

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Something to be Proud of

Every team wants a facility they can be proud of, and this photo of our mat at Arizona State makes us Proud! The coaches and athletic director wanted a statement for the players to inspire the players’ best athletic performance as they entered the stadium for each game. Their staff worked together with our design …

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Over 1500 schools are proud of their facility—Are you?

Everyone wants to be part of a team and something bigger than themselves. This includes players, fans, alumni and recruits. When your school or team logo is proudly displayed on a mat or carpet in your team’s locker room, it becomes the centerpiece of the room and fuels the spirit and passion for the team. …

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A New Way to Create a Lasting Impression

Collegiate, high schools and professional teams across the country are utilizing a new way to create a lasting impression of team pride for their athletes, students, alumni and fans. Schools such as Auburn University, Oklahoma State, Ole Miss, the University of Memphis and Daemen College have worked with Enhance Mats to install Custom Logo Floor …

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5 Reasons To Choose Enhance Gym Floor Covers

A gym floor is a substantial investment and it requires constant maintenance to keep it in great condition. Along with a specific maintenance schedule, investing in floor protection provides safety, will extend the lifespan of the gym floor, will keep it looking new for years, and ultimately save you money. Here are 5 Reasons to …

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High Performance Carpets and Mats

Are your floors getting torn up and destroyed by the traffic of athletes in cleats, spikes, and even the blades of skates? Are your carpeted areas looking worn and bare? Are you constantly working to protect your floors from the non-stop wear and tear that scratches the finish of any athletic flooring surface you put …

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Product Announcement

All American Gym Floor Protection

Enhance Mats’ innovation in gym floor protection continues with Gym Floor Armor, the latest in heavy duty defense. Available in fast and easy to deploy Rolls, easy to store Tiles, and branded Side Armor Courtside Runners, new protection turns your gymnasium into a multi-purpose facility. Many companies have tried to copy Enhance Mats’ innovative products, …

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Area Mats that Battle Winter

It’s the time of year when precipitation doesn’t seem to stop falling (or freezing, for that matter). Users of your athletic facilities are likely to drag in wet footprints, dirty boots, soaked umbrellas, and related gear. This fact of life raises much concern for athletic directors and administrators across the country, as unintended wet spots …

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Enhance Safety with Wall Mats and Padding

Wall padding is critical for safety and protection in any indoor or outdoor athletic facility. From basketball and volleyball courts to the weight room, Enhance Mats believes that there is no compromise in providing a safe environment for student-athletes, staff, and fans. “With over 30 years of experience, our knowledgeable team are available to guide …

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The Simple Way To Brand Locker Rooms

Hundreds of collegiate, high school, and professional teams across the United States all have one thing in common: they’ve created a lasting impression of team pride for their campus communities by asking Enhance Mats to completely make over their locker rooms. These teams would also agree that the most important design element in any locker …

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Case Study

Customizations Arrive at Seton Hill University

Before Enhance Mats arrived on the scene, Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, had a men’s basketball locker room with a plain, empty carpet and  little signs of school spirit. Now, the university’s pride is on full display after a Custom Logo Locker Room Carpet installation by Enhance Mats. Seton Hill put the “wow” into …

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