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Perform-X provides innovative and integrated solutions to sports performance training and facility design, whether it be concept to completion for a new facility, retrofitting an existing facility, or just adding new tools to improve strength, power, speed and overall athleticism in your program.

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Innovative Approach to Cord-Loaded Deadlifting

Besides traditional training methods using the barbell, many coaches and athletes are adding resistance with bands– known as variable resistance training. Band-resisted or cord-loaded deadlifts typically require awkward set ups. Now, coaches and athletes can easily and safely accomplish cord-loaded deadlifts using the Dead-X Cords which are easily attached to the bar using the unique …

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Enhance Lower Body Strength with the Squat-X Cord

The squat exercise is probably the most popular exercise in the strength and conditioning toolbox. Besides traditional training methods of the barbell squat, many coaches and athletes are adding resistance with bands– known as variable resistance training. A recent scientific review article noted that variable resistance training offers superior advantages in producing the greatest comprehensive …

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How much do you bench?

As a coach, you want your athletes to get stronger. But, what’s the best way to improve strength? A recent study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research showed that variable resistance training using elastic bands resulted in may offer a greater training stimulus than traditional free-weight resistance training to improve upper-body strength, velocity, …

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Improve Vertical Jump with the Jump-X™ System

To be strong is one thing – to be powerful is another. Power is the product of force and velocity. All coaches recognize that the ability to produce force quickly is critical in many athletic movements such as jumping. Research has shown that resisted jump training improves vertical jump performance. The Jump-X™ System allows for …

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3 Devices for Improving Speed and Explosiveness

There is old but common adage in athletics – speed kills! Every coach has said at one time or another, “He/she is just not fast enough”. So what are you doing to improve the speed and explosiveness of your athletes? Here are 3 pieces of equipment from Perform-X that offer a solution. The Tred-X 30/30 …

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Train the Hips for Better Movement

  How many coaches have you heard say, “He really doesn’t have ‘good hips’. He just doesn’t move well”. If you have been around coaches, then you have probably heard this statement. The hip joint is arguably one of the most important joints in the human body. It supports the body’s weight near the center …

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Getting stronger with Strength Cords

Muscular strength and power are critical for athletic performance, and most, if not all, coaches recognize the importance of resistance training in the overall program.  However, this also leaves the question – what is the best way to train my athletes? Recent research indicates that variable resistance appears to offer some advantages in producing the …

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The Evolution of the Lifting Platform

The days of the above ground weightlifting platform may be a thing of the past. More and more high schools, colleges, and professional strength and conditioning facilities who are either building a new facility or renovating an existing facility are going away from the traditional above ground lifting platform and choosing the inlaid platform, which …

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Case Study

Turn any wall into a training space

The Perform-X Trak-X system is being implemented into the inlaid platform in several high school, college and professional weight rooms across the country.  However, this customized metal strip that allows for safe and effective anchoring of resistance cords is not limited to being installed into the floor. The Trak-X system can also be mounted to …

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