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Ball Fabrics, with over 25 years of experience, manufactures a full line of windscreens, sports netting and athletic padding...carefully selected for maximum endurance, beauty, and efficiency. Custom branding any facility is easy and attractive with full-color, custom logo applications. Ball Fabrics also offers a full line of athletic padding manufactured to the highest standards and custom sports netting for baseball and softball with retractable netting systems available.

510 W. Arizona Ave.
DeLand, FL 32720

Phone: (866) 360-1008; (386) 740-7212
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Ball Fabrics Uses Field Netting to Creatively Solve a Special Events Maintenance Problem

BOOMBAH Sports Complex of Seminole County, a multi-million dollar baseball and softball sports complex, hosts 64 major special events annually. Many of those events require hundreds of yards of temporary fencing. The problem? High winds often blew down the strategically placed temporary fencing right before or even during the event…a maintenance nightmare that gobbled up …

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Buying a Windscreen? Do Your Research First

Purchasing inferior windscreen that won’t last is a common mistake. People often assume all windscreens are created equal. The logical result of that wrong belief is buying windscreen from the least expensive source. Unfortunately, all windscreens are not equal, and all windscreen providers are not equal, either. Those differences can be costly in the long …

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Upgrade your facility without breaking the budget

Ball Fabrics, Inc., manufacturing athletic field equipment and windscreens for 35 years, makes it easy to dress up and outfit any baseball or softball dugout for safety and player protection, increased team/school/facility branding, privacy, and to build team spirit…without breaking the budget. Safety matters, but so do aesthetics and cost. Ball Fabrics’ Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Padding provides …

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Problem Solving Common Facility Problems

BOOMBAH Sports Complex of Seminole County in central Florida needed a creative solution for their Maintenance Barn. A 102-acre, multi-million dollar baseball and softball sports complex with both synthetic and natural grass fields, hosting 64 major annual events, requires lots of equipment and materials. They needed to solve three issues common to many such facilities. …

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Ball Fabrics solves windscreen problem from turbulent weather

  At Heathrow Country Club in central Florida, the frequent strong thunderstorms would blow through breaking ty wraps and ripping windscreen off the tennis court fences. Not only did this cause a massive maintenance problem, replacing ty wraps every day, but windscreen falling off the fence is not a good look for a beautiful facility …

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Proper Measurement: The key to purchasing windscreens

When purchasing windscreens, knowing a few key facts can make the difference between total satisfaction and lots of problems. Ball Fabrics, Inc., a leading windscreen manufacturer for over 35 years, says the first priority when ordering windscreen is to measure, measure, and measure again. Proper measurement means proper fit, which is essential for aesthetics and …

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Case Study

Stetson Uses New Branding Technology to Enhance Facility

The Mandy Stoll Tennis Center at Stetson University in Deland, FL, recently took advantage of new printing and branding technology to refurbish and enhance their varsity tennis facility. Working on a deadline, facility management wanted to unveil new logos as part of an updated branding campaign at their upcoming conference tournament. Jake Gibson, Assistant Athletic …

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Product Announcement

ToughCoat™ Increases Print Durability

After much experimentation, Ball Fabrics, Inc. introduces ToughCoat™, an additional layer of UV protection that doubles the longevity of every outdoor graphics investment. Most outdoor inks last about three years. That did not satisfy Ball Fabrics as they searched for ways to extend the life of their printed products. They worked with a company to …

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Solve Two Problems with Bleacher Wraps

It’s not often you can address two unrelated problems with one solution, but bleacher wraps from Ball Fabrics offer that opportunity. These wraps can turn your bleachers from a boring eyesore into a massive, eye-catching source of advertising and promotion while also securing the area beneath the bleachers from unauthorized access. Ball Fabrics makes their …

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