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PowerBlock manufactures selectorized dumbbells for weight-room and home use.

1071 32nd Ave. NW
Owatonna, MN 55060

Phone: (507) 451-5152
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A Kettlebell that’s Adjustable

PowerBlock gave its engineers a challenge: Create the most compact and ergonomic adjustable kettlebell ever. Mission accomplished.  The company introduced the PowerBlock Adjustable Kettlebell. The contour of the Adjustable Kettlebell shell provides exceptional comfort in all orientations. By optimizing the positions of the center of mass in relation to the selected weight, the product provides excellent balance and stability …

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PowerBlock® Solves Space Issue

Eliminate the need for dumbbells. PowerBlock was founded in 1991. At the time, the owners were designing strength equipment that was sold primarily in Specialty Fitness Equipment stores, and the one constant they always saw was mountains of dumbbells. The PowerBlock was invented as a way to have racks of dumbbells at home without the …

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A Staple in Strength Training

Dumbbells continue to be one of the most versatile strength training tools ever developed. Dumbbells allow the user to work his or her entire body without the restrictions of set movement planes that machines or even bars have. Dumbbells can be used to mimic real world movements making them also ideal for functional training. One …

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PowerBlocks saves facility space so you can add other equipment

Rack of Dumbbells in the Space of 1 Pair…What a smart concept, especially when space in any strength conditioning room is at a premium. PowerBlock commercial dumbbells can replace up to 22 pairs of dumbbells, or over 4,000 pounds of free weights in less than 2 square feet. This can open up a world of …

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Powering the NHL and Beyond

PowerBlock’s complete line of dumbbells, stands, and benches is not just popular among high school and college athletic departments. It is now a prominent presence in weight rooms across the National Hockey League. “You will find PowerBlock products throughout the NHL,” says Reg Grant, Strength and Conditioning Coach for the New York Rangers. “I have …

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Why Choose PowerBlock

PowerBlock is proud to offer a line of products the fit the free-weight needs athletes. Here are a few reasons to choose PowerBlock Dumbbells. VARIETY-PowerBlock leads the adjustable dumbbell market in product variety. They have 5 Commercial models available. COMPACT-PowerBlock offers some of the most compact adjustable dumbbells on the market. For example, at 35 …

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Case Study

Adjust for success

Once a tennis academy, founded in 1978 by Nick Bollettieri, IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida is now one of the top private schools in the country.  IMG encompasses more than 500 acres featuring world-class facilities that have helped guide the development of countless champions at the junior, collegiate and professional levels. IMG Academy also offers camp …

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High Profile Clients Recommend PowerBlock

Founded in 1991 by specialty fitness equipment designers, PowerBlock, Inc., is known for providing their clients with the performance advantage of hand weights without the restrictions of old fashioned racks and dumbbells. And since 1991, PowerBlock’s clients have been boasting the benefits these unique sets of weights provide their athletes, from the high school level …

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Product Announcement

Top of the Food Chain for Strength Training

The PowerBlock Pro 125 adjustable dumbbells are at the top of the food chain for professional strength training. With unmatched versatility, you can have 16 pairs of dumbbells in 1. That’s over 2,200 lbs. of weights in 21.5″ x 25″ of space, so it can easily be paired next to any power rack. The modern …

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Customer Review

A Pro-Level Lifting Experience

Since 1991, PowerBlock has been regarded as the favorite manufacturer of dumbells, stands, and benches across the world of athletics, especially at the collegiate and professional levels. “The versatility and durability of the PowerBlock make it a must have tool in any tool box, no matter how streamlined,” says Craig Fitzgerald, Head Strength & Conditioning …

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