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Firstbeat allows coaches to effectively collect, analyze and interpret performance data of players, based on identifying individualized patterns of heart rate variability (HRV) and heart rate.

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Optimize Training and Recovery Like a Pro

  Balancing work and recovery is a challenging task for any coach. Every athlete has different needs and abilities and there are many outside influences beyond the coach’s control. Add a playing schedule that calls for competitions every two or three days with limited practice sessions and travel itineraries that call for back-to-back game in …

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Get the Guide to Understanding Athlete Stress and Recovery

There’s been a lot of recent discussion about the effects of stress on athletes and the importance of recovery. While most coaches understand that a tired and distracted athlete is probably not going to perform optimally, there are a lot of terms and concepts related to stress and recovery that aren’t as obvious. To help …

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Firstbeat readies sleep-monitoring system

A lot of attention is being paid to recovery in athletes as part of efforts to help them reach their optimal performance. Much of this attention has focused on training loads, with numerous systems being developed to track this data. Now, attention is turning to the importance of sleep. As explained in a blog on …

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Quantifying and Capturing Recovery Data

Coaches and athletes are becoming more and more aware of the importance of recovery. But exactly how to measure recovery is a harder nut to crack since there’s no easily recordable number to assign to it, such as a weight or time. In a recent posting on its blog site, Firstbeat Technologies offered some thoughts …

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Case Study

Making Use of Real-Time Performance Data

Coaches these days have access to more data about athletic performance than had ever been imagined before. From slow motion video revealing detailed breakdowns of mechanics to real-time readings of training load, there’s little a coach can’t find out. But having that data doesn’t mean much if you’re not making proper use of it. An …

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Behind the scenes at the Detroit Red Wings treadmill

NHL teams arrange training clubs for their new reservations and prospects during the summer. Detroit Red Wings Head Coach saw last year’s training camp as an opportunity to introduce new players to the team as well as live in NHL in general. “I think it’s important for new, young players to get to know their …

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Heart Rate Variability and Endurance Training

Endurance training is often a hit or miss proposition. A program that leads to great gains in one athlete may cause another athlete to regress. Of course, these training programs can be adjusted based on results, but this is not very efficient. The challenge, then, is figuring out what approach is best for each athlete …

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Game-Day Physical Demands on Cheerleaders

While there’s no consensus on whether cheerleading should or shouldn’t be a sanctioned sport at the high school and college levels, there’s little doubt that the physical demands placed on its participants are similar to those in traditional sports. At least that’s the conclusion of heart rate variability in college cheerleaders as detailed in a …

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New Ideas

Free Guide to Understanding Training Loads

One of the biggest advances brought about by the rise of sport science technology has been the ability to better measure and track an athlete’s training load. But what is training load? And how can knowing more about it help coaches improve athlete performance? To help teach people more abut this important subject, Firstbeat Sports …

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Making Sure Wrestlers are Ready for Competition

Few sports are more physically demanding than wrestling. In addition to their intense workouts and matches, wrestlers also have to maintain a certain weight, which makes fatigue a constant threat. In order to make sure wrestlers aren’t overworking themselves or weakening themselves in an effort to make weight, coaches have turned to stress and recovery …

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