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KIMTEK's MEDLITE(R) allows a fast response to the injured, lower impact on fields, and is attractive to athletic directors.

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Orleans, VT 05860

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Skid Units That Support Energy Efficient Vehicles

KIMTEK CORPORATION, manufacturers of modular skid units for firefighting and emergency medical transport in ATVs / UTVs, and brush trucks, recently implemented its latest line of skid units that support energy efficient electric vehicles.  KIMTEK’s commitment to environmental sustainability, quality construction and convenient, modular design features provides important advantages for makers of electric vehicles such …

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Safer Transport of Injured Athletes

When an athlete is injured, getting them safely off the field can be difficult without the right equipment.  KIMTEK CORPORATION has met this problem head on, with their durable Emergency Medical Rescue Slide in Skid Units. “Our products take the equation of transporting athletes to a much safer, professional level,” says Kimball Johnson, founder and …

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