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Thunderstorm and an Emergency Response Plan

In July, Earth Networks released its Mid-Year Lightning Report. This review of the lightning detected by their network for the first half of 2019 tells the company which areas of the U.S. are most impacted by lightning and severe weather. Earth Networks offers proprietary severe thunderstorm alerts, called  Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts (DTAs), which is based on lightning …

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Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Dictates Water Hydration Breaks

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved hydration breaks for NCAA soccer games starting with the upcoming season. These hydration breaks will happen at a set time during each half of both men’s and women’s soccer games. The NCAA Men’s and Women’s Soccer Rules Committee proposed this hydration break rule in March 2019. This proposal came after …

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Understanding lightning is the first step to managing severe storms

Lightning kills more than 2,000 people per year worldwide. Most of these deaths occur in places without sufficient severe weather alert systems. The first step in implementing a system to alert your athletes, staff and fans about the possibility of severe lightning strikes is understanding the science and origins of understanding lightning. Earth Networks provides …

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7 Key Ways to Manage Severe Weather Effectively

Severe weather remains a real safety concern for students, parents, fans, and coaches—both on and off the field, and at practices and games.  Real-time, advanced weather detection and alerting is needed to assist human decision-making.  That’s why every athletic department needs a Weather Safety Policy and the right technology on hand to create an effective …

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Detect the Lightning Strikes You Can’t See

Not all lightning strikes are equal. One of the most dangerous forms of lightning is in-cloud lightning, where lightning remains embedded within a cloud. The bolt in usually not seen; instead, the cloud lights up during the flash. The lightning jumps between different charge regions in the cloud. About three-quarters of all lightning on Earth never …

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Case Study

Turnkey Solution for Sending Weather Alerts

Oklahoma weather is very active all year long with tornadoes, strong winds and thunderstorms. Preparing for and staying on top of what lies ahead keeps the emergency operation center in Stillwater, Okla., very busy. Oklahoma State University has found a solution for managing turbulent weather in its region. The OSU athletic department has used Earth …

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