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Kinematic Sports

Makers of SidelinER medical sideline privacy tents.

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Look For SidelinER® in the NFL

Did you know, SidelinER® is the only sideline medical tent in use by the NFL?  In 2017, a league-wide mandate was issued that all 32 teams utilize the sideline medical tent as part of the overall concussion protocol. Since then, the “blue tent” has been popping up all over.  Recently the Kansas City Chiefs hosted …

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SidelinER: For Every Athlete, For Every Sport

“If you have a body, you are an athlete.” This quote from the legendary University of Oregon track and field coach, Bill Bowerman is a simple, yet powerful reminder that any one can be an athlete. No matter the sport, all athletes deserve privacy and protection when it comes to injuries on the field. The …

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New Ideas

Get Your Team Ready for Football Season

How is your team’s sideline care strategy? With SidelinER® your team can enhance their overall evaluation process. SidelinER® is a portable, collapsible sideline medical tent designed specifically to meet the needs of athletic programs. The revolutionary tool provides athletes privacy from peering fans and cameras. SidelinER® enhances the overall evaluation process and allows for a more …

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Own Your Sponsorship with a SidelinER

The SidelinER creates a unique sponsorship opportunity that provides on-field advertising space,  fosters goodwill between you and your community, and lets you own and control your sponsorship how you see fit. Team physicians and orthopedic clinics, among others,  that work with local sports programs have found value in sponsoring SidelinERs in the towns they operate …

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Press Release

SidelinER® is having a PRE-SEASON SALE

From now until the end of August, receive a Travel Duffel at no additional cost with your unit purchase. The Travel Duffel, valued at $149, is engineered with Military grade material made specifically to transport SidelinER®. Designed to be carried over the shoulder, the Travel Duffel comes with durable handles for lifting and reinforced polyurethane …

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Kinematic Sports Co-Founder Jeff Allen Named Head Athletic Trainer of the Year

Jeff Allen, co-founder of Kinematic Sports, LLC and Director of Sports Medicine for The University of Alabama Athletics has been named the National Athletic Trainer’s Association Head Athletic Trainer of the Year. Every year the Intercollegiate Council for Sports Medicine recognizes one individual for exceptional performance as a head athletic trainer in each of the …

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Product Announcement

Kinematic Sports Offers Two SidelinER® Models

Kinematic Sports introduces SidelinER® 2.0 and Mini to the SidelinER® family of products. Both models deliver the features you’ve come to trust with new upgrades that improve upon previous models, making them stronger, faster, lighter and longer lasting! SidelinER 2.0 SidelinER® 2.0 provides the highest level of sideline patient care and privacy and is available for …

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Put Your Logo on SidelinER®

You can customize SidelinER® by adding your logo to the new SidelinER® removable branded panels. Customizable, branded panels let you uniquely design a SidelinER®. Whether you put a team logo or a sponsorship, the SidelinER® branded panels allow you the freedom to create your brand’s look and feel. The cost of a custom panel with a …

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New SidelinER® Online Design Shop

Kinematic Sports is now offering a fast and easy way to design a custom SidelinER®. Through the SidelinER® Online Design Shop, you are able to design your own SidelinER® and get a quick quote. The online design shop allows you to pick every detail you want. From accessories to branded panels, the SidelinER® Online Design …

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SidelinER Mini: Same quality. Smaller Package.

New in 2018, the SidelinER Mini is a portable and collapsible patient exam room designed specifically to meet the needs of athletic programs with limited sideline space. SidelinER Mini delivers full functionality from a 40% smaller footprint. When a smaller footprint is needed, The Mini is up for the challenge and gives both injured athletes …

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