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Sports Laundry Systems

Sports Laundry Systems are engineered to properly clean and disinfect athletic laundry-helping prevent the spread of viruses, superbugs, and bacteria.

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Case Study

How One School Doubled Its Laundry Production

After replacing its old laundry room equipment with new machines from Sports Laundry Systems, Alabama State University has doubled its laundry production. “The new Sports Laundry System has cut drying time in half,” says Alabama State Equipment Manager Dante Tyson-Bey said. “We used to complete two loads of laundry per day. Now, we process five …

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Product Announcement

The Secret Behind Laundry Efficiency

While the washer half of washer-extractors get most of the attention in the equipment room, the extractors play a key role in cleaning athletic laundry effectively and efficiently. The extractors in machines from Sports Laundry Systems produce up to 387 G-force. Higher extractor speeds and forces are important because as they increase, so does the …

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Sports Laundry System® Finds Home at new Jaguar Sports Center

San Jose City College (SJCC), one of the oldest community colleges in California, touts a new catchall for “all things movement.” The 38,990-square-foot Jaguar Sports Center (the campus athletic hub) supports 10 sports teams; multiple movement classes, including kickboxing, yoga, weight training, archery and body sculpting; a new gym, fitness center, spin room, locker rooms, …

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Helping Athletes Stay Healthy

Sports Laundry Systems focuses on the proper cleaning and disinfection of athletic laundry. In doing so, Sports Laundry Systems help prevent athletes, coaches and assistants from contracting infections due to contamination from soiled laundry. This is thanks to a solution that teams highly programmable washers and dryers with ozone injection. Unique in the athletic industry, …

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Standardized Test

Should you ever run into a problem with Sports Laundry Systems equipment, you can run some simple tests to help determine the cause. This video shows technicians how to put Sports Laundry Systems washers into test mode to diagnose the functionality of equipment components prior to troubleshooting.     Click here for more information on …

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Equipment Cleaning Made Easier

Keeping athletic gear and equipment clean requires more than throwing a load into a washer and pressing run. But programmable machines from Sports Laundry Systems make it seem that easy. Watch the video below to learn see to set up a typical program for equipment cleaning, in this case football helmets. Along the way, you …

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Customer Review

UW-Oshkosh Installs Laundry Solution to Stop MRSA in the Wash

“Preventing illness and injury is our focus,” says Jack Johnsen, assistant athletic trainer at the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh (UWO). “The Sports Laundry System here has decreased MRSA outbreaks.” Since the System’s installation, UWO averages just one infection per year, compared with as many as 10 in the past. Reducing cases of MRSA, a staph bacterial …

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