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Iron Neck

Iron Neck develops advanced, portable neck and core training solutions for concussion management and rehabilitation.

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Iron Neck Helps Athletes Return From Injury

Recovery speed is important, but a safe return is priority. An important part of return-to-play protocols is rebuilding the musculoskeletal system for reduced risk of repeat injuries. When athletes have sustained an injury to the head or neck, strengthening the neck muscles is key to recovering and preventing subsequent injuries, which is why the Iron …

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Iron Neck Benefiting All Types of Athletes

While the origins of Iron Neck are in concussion prevention in football, coaches from other sports have also started using it, spurring new types of exercises that better meet the needs of and potential injuries to each athlete. With every new sport and market Iron Neck has found its way into, new innovative uses and …

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Making Neck Training a Priority

“If you were to pick the most neglected area in training, you could make a case for a lot of joint systems and muscle groups, but the neck is likely the most ignored,” writes veteran coach Carl Valle, lead sport technologist for “Even today with all of the research on concussions, the neck is …

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CEO of Iron Neck Discusses Future of Neck Training

Iron Neck is at the forefront of a movement to protect and strengthen one of the most critical parts of the body, helping reduce injuries and keep athletes healthy. In this podcast, Iron Neck CEO Matthew Schmit discusses the drive behind the innovation, the focus on pricing, why it took so long to bring awareness …

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New Concussion Study Uses Iron Neck

A first-of-its-kind clinical trial by a research team at the University of Mississippi Medical Center aims to evaluate the effectiveness of aggressive physical therapy as “sensorimotor” training, which addresses the ability to take in sensory information and use it to direct your movement. Dr. Jennifer Reneker, associate professor of physical therapy, and a team of …

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Neck Training is Key to Concussion Prevention, Studies Show

Research shows that athletes with stronger, wider necks are more likely to be protected from concussions. Iron Neck is helping make that happen. This innovative training tool is making sports safer for athletes across the country by helping them build stronger neck muscles. To learn more about correlation between neck strength and concussions, click here.

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Research Validates Importance of Neck Training

Research has shown that increasing neck strength is an effective way for athletes to reduce their risk of getting a concussion. Iron Neck makes neck training easy and has become an invaluable tool in weightrooms across the country. “The most impressive thing about this machine is the preventative nature in which it’s based upon!” writes …

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Press Release

Iron Neck Making Headway In Concussion Prevention

“I think Iron Neck is an example of technology that could be powerful, particularly in girls,” says Dr. Uzma Samadani, a neurosurgeon in Minneapolis and an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota. “They tend to have weaker necks. With a stronger neck, your head moves less and that may potentially slow down injuries, stretching …

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UCLA Football Utilizing Iron Neck

UCLA Alum Mike Jolly shows the new UCLA Strength & Conditioning staff how to train with the Iron Neck.

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Case Study

Craig Fitzgerald is Building a Strength & Conditioning Program to Last…Again

Craig Fitzgerald has impacted hundreds of athletes as a strength & conditioning coach at Harvard, Maryland, Penn State, South Carolina and most recently the Houston Texans. Craig is moving back into the college ranks as the head strength and conditioning coach at University of Tennessee, and he is laying the infrastructure for a successful and …

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