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TurfCordz(R) by NZ Manufacturing, Inc.

For more than 35 years, NZ Manufacturing has provided USA-made training tools for athletes worldwide.

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Tallmadge, OH 44278

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Strengthen Neck and Shoulder Muscles to Prevent Injuries

With Football season in full swing, strength coaches and athletic trainers place an ongoing emphasis  on safety. Strengthening the neck and shoulder muscles is important to helping prevent head-related injuries as well as upper-body issues. The MediCordz® Headset Kit is an excellent tool for performing neck and shoulder exercises. The M357 Kit comes with a …

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How Versatile is the StretchCordz® Modular Set?

The StretchCordz® Modular Set from NZ Manufacturing is one of its best sellers because of the versatility it allows for both dry-land and in water swim training. The set comes with three main accessories which can be used to perform a wide array of exercises. These three components are paddles, handles and leg straps. Here are several …

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Professional Training Tools for Every Athlete, at Every Level

StrechCordz(R), TurfCordz(R), and MediCordz(R) are registered trade names for resistance-based exercise tools made by NZ Manufacturing in Ohio. They are high-quality, professional-strength products that are made in the USA. Noted for their high range of resistance levels and safety features, they are used by athletes at all levels—from high school to professional—to improve performance and …

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Enhance Performance Through Resistance

TurfCordz® Engineered Resistance Tools are requested by professional, college and high school sports teams and for: Strength Training Explosive Start Drills Increased Speed Improved Flexibility Many top athletic trainers and strength/conditioning coaches incorporate NZ products into their training programs.  Exercising with resistance increases strength and stamina and improves agility at the highest levels of athletic …

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Case Study

“Cords from NZ Manufacturing give our athletes added explosiveness”

The SPIRE Institute in Geneva Ohio is a world-class facility for training athletes. Jeff Orloff (SPIRE Institute Chief Operating Officer), John Wallace (Director of SPIRE Performance), and Thad Schultz (Director of Aquatics) spoke more about the SPIRE Institute and how they’re using NZ Manufacturing products to give their athletes an edge. Can you tell us a little bit …

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Inspirational Athlete

Nicolas Dewalque is a truly inspirational visually impaired triathlete. Nicolas had just finished running the Boston Marathon, but was gracious enough to chat about his career as well as some of the NZ Manufacturing products he uses to stay competitive during his competitions. How did you evolve in competing in the sport at this level? …

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New Ideas

How Resistance Cords Can Help With Shoulder or Rotator Cuff Injuries

No matter how determined, dedicated and skilled your athletes may be, without proper prevention and rehabilitation, they put themselves at risk for injury. Injuries to the shoulder, like a rotator cuff injury, happens to be one of the most common injuries seen at orthopedic practices. When your shoulder is injured, it can affect a large …

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