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WissTech Enterprises

Manufacturer of the world's finest portable drinking fountains.

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Stay Green While Keeping Athletes Hydrated

There’s a lot of emphasis on sustainability and being “green” in today’s culture. Did you know there’s a solar-powered drinking fountain that powers itself while you keep your athletes well hydrated. The Del Sol line of portable drinking fountains from WissTech features a sliding retractable solar panel charger that feeds a 14Ah lithium ion battery. …

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Be Ready for Summer’s Return

While we may just be heading into winter, soon it will be summer again and keeping athletes cool and well hydrated will again be a priority. Get a jump on beating the summer heat with the Cool Coil Max hydration system from WissTech Enterprises. The Cool Coil Max features a 150-quart cooler than holds ice …

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Made for Athletic Trainers by an Athletic Trainer

WissTech Enterprises knows the needs of athletic trainers because was founded, and continues to be run, by an athletic trainer. Bill Wissen MA, ATC, LAT, President and CEO of WissTech, is a state-licensed and nationally certified Athletic Trainer with over 35 years of experience. After many years of working with hot, thirsty athletes, he designed, …

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Proven Portable Water Fountains for Any Team

For WissTech Enterprises, it all goes back to the Hydration Station. As a certified and licensed athletic trainer in Texas, Bill Wissen was looking for a good way to keep athletes hydrated during hot practices. Not satisfied with the options he had at the time, he designed the Hydration Station portable drinking fountain, which is …

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20 Years of Portable Drinking Fountains

For 20 years, Wiss Tech Enterprises has been supplying hydration solutions for athletes with its portable drinking stations. The company was founded in 1998 by Bill Wissen, a certified athletic trainer with more than 35 years of experience. After working with hot and thirsty athletes for years, Wissen designed, engineered, and manufactured a portable drinking …

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Keep Your Hydration Equipment in Tip-Top Shape

Summer is a good time to make sure all of your equipment is ready for the upcoming sports seasons. If your checks reveal any problems with your hydration equipment, taking care of them is easy if you got them from WissTech Enterprises. WissTech offers a one-year parts and labor warranty on its equipment and does …

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Learn about a solar-charged, portable drinking fountain at NATA 2018

Come see the Del Sol solar-charged, lithium-powered portable drinking fountain from WissTech during the 2018 Convention in New Orleans. Located in Booth Number 9027, WissTech will be showing off the Del Sol line of products that a completely self-contained internal solar charging system. With the Del Sol, hydration systems no longer need to be externally …

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Maximum Chilling Power

As the weather heats up, so does the difficulty in providing cold water for outdoor athletes. The Cool Coil Max from WissTech Enterprises can help meet these challenges. The Cool Coil Max offers five times the chilling volume of other chillers and features twin-high capacity chilling chambers that are under ice at all times. In …

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Do-It-Yourself Repair

It doesn’t happen often, but occasionally your Wiss Tech Hydration Stations may give you a little trouble. Fortunately, help could be just a mouse click away. In a video below (which is also available on the Wiss Tech website), Wiss Tech President and CEO Bill Wissen explains how to quickly and easily diagnose a pump …

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Make Sure Your Hydration Equipment is Ready

With spring sports getting into action in some regions and reaching full swing in others, it’s a good time to make sure all of your hydration equipment in good condition. The temperatures are only going to up and soon those water supply devices will be put to the test. Fortunately, WissTech Enterprises has a couple …

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