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Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC

Hudson is the leading manufacturer of underwater treadmill systems and custom therapy and fitness pools.

1100 Wohlert St.
Angola, IN 46703

Phone: (888) 206-7802; (260) 665-1635
Fax: (260) 665-8069

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Five Steps to Satisfaction

For years, Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC, has been satisfying the needs of customers by sticking to its trusted five-step sale-to-service process that has been proven successful, as the company continues to garner new clients across the United States and beyond. “We strive to create a process that exceeds our customers’ expectations before, during and after …

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Low Impact, High-Resistance Workout

If you’re a coach or athletic trainer searching for a way to help your athletes rehabilitate from injury or have better, more high-energy workouts, look no further than the AquaPools by Hudson Aquatic Systems. With multiple options from in-ground, above-ground, and partially above-ground beam designs, athletic programs can choose which pool works for their facility. …

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Rehabilitation and Conditioning for Athletes

Athletic trainers can now better help their athletes recover faster, reduce fatigue, improve performance, and minimize the risk of injury with the new CET CrySpas Sport and Team Sport units. Athletes who undergo daily treatments of this cold salt water therapy will experience the “colder than ice” feel to the affected areas better than ice. …

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Why Water?

Strength coaches and athletic trainers are always looking for the newest and best ways to help their athletes not only become stronger, but also rehabilitate from injury faster. Hudson Aquatic Systems can help achieve this goal with their line of hydrotherapy products. When engaging in hydroptherapy on either an underwater treadmill or in a pool, …

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Unlock the Power of Aquatic Therapy

If you are searching for a way to take your athletes to the next level of fitness, look no further than the AquaFit Plus underwater treadmill system from Hudson Aquatic Systems. With this system, athletes will gain higher outcomes with workouts in half the time as land based workouts. Coaches and athletic trainers can not …

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The Ultimate Underwater Treadmill

Hudson Aquatic Systems is taking wellness and rehabilitation to the next level with its popular AquaFit, an underwater treadmill system designed for the ultimate hydrotherapy and peak fitness. Featuring a private exercise chamber with a large track and adjustable touch screen, athletic trainers are able to customize workouts for the fitness needs of any athlete—especially …

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Olympian Strength Aquatic Training & Rehabilitation

Coaches and athletic trainers can now help their athletes rehabilitate and build muscle faster with the AquaFit from Hudson Aquatic Systems. When using the AquaFit, athletes will receive the benefits of exercising in water, lowering impact and increasing outcomes in half the time of land based workouts. The stabilizing and buoyant effects of water also …

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Case Study

Aquatic Therapy Can Extend Athletes’ Careers

Athletic trainers everywhere know that injuries are an inevitable evil in sports, and they also realize these catastrophic blows to an athlete’s career can actually force an early retirement. Luckily, Hudson Aquatics has good news—the benefits of aquatic therapy are extending more and more careers, and an Olympian can prove it. “I’ve had three knee …

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Product Announcement

Three Hydrotherapy Tools for School Teams

Looking to provide its student-athletes with an edge in rehabilitation, the Lovett School, a private college preparatory school based in Atlanta, Georgia, added Hudson Aquatic Hydrotherapy Tanks to its Murray Athletic Center, which was completed in 2016. While aquatic therapy is not a new concept, its benefits are spurring interest amongst athletic trainers everywhere. “It’s …

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Take Your Gait to the Water!

Coaches and athletic trainers only have so much time with athletes. They can now take more advantage of that time with the AquaGaiter from Hudson Aquatic Systems. As a treadmill system that easily installs into an existing pool or new pool construction, athletes using the AquaGaiter experience the natural properties of water, such as buoyancy, …

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