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The Athletic Edge(TM) partners with athletic programs nationwide to plan and build locker rooms, athletic training areas, and rehabilitation settings designed to make a statement, inspiring your athletes, alumni, donors, and visitors.

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The Right Taping Station

When investing in new taping stations for your athletic facility, it’s vital to keep the feel of your school and the amount of space available at the top of mind. That’s why The Athletic Edge manufactures five types of taping stations to meet the needs of any athletic department. If your taping station will be …

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Six Tools For AT’s On The Go

Not all athletic training work happens in the athletic training room, where most equipment is located. That’s why The Athletic Edge has a line of portable products that are convenient for athletic trainers who are constantly on the go. When the athletic training room isn’t nearby, these six products all weigh under 50 pounds for …

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Don’t Count Out Wood and Laminate Lockers

Locker rooms for any athletic facility must have three qualities: strength, quality, and longevity. A common misconception, however, is that wood and laminate lockers won’t hold up well over time. The Athletic Edge will surely be the first to tell you that this is simply not true. “Our wood and laminate lockers are handcrafted by …

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LAST Table Takes Bronze Medal for “Excellence in Innovation”

The LAST Table from The Athletic Edge has been recognized as a game-changing product for athletic departments, sports medicine professionals, and coaches at the high school and collegiate levels, receiving bronze medal honors in Momentum Media’s “Excellence in Innovations” awards program. Created in part with input from an athletic trainer, the LAST Leg & Shoulder …

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Treatment Tables Designed for Sideline Use

Treatment/training tables are the work horse of any athletic training room. And despite their obvious value, they’re easy to take for granted—until you have to tape or treat athletes on the sideline, or at a hotel, or anywhere besides your home facility. To help fill this gap, The Athletic Edge by Pivotal Health Solutions has …

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Athleticscapes Provide Edge in Recruiting

When competing with other colleges and universities for the best of the top high school student-athletes in the process of recruiting, the appearance of a campus’ athletic facilities usually makes all the difference. However, it takes more than just a state-of-the-art athletic training center or extravagant stadium to win over recruits. Schools must include “an …

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Case Study

“The Edge” Arrives at Houston Texans

In preparation for the 2018 National Football League season, the Houston Texans were adamant over the summer about addressing several areas of concern in their athletic training room. “We struggled with having everything that we wanted/needed,” says Travis Turner, Assistant Athletic Trainer for the Texans. That included “the ability to have closed storage, change working …

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Minnesota Vikings Have “The Edge”

The Minnesota Vikings of the National Football League have officially moved into their brand new 40-acre athletic training facility called the Twin Cities Orthopedics Performance Center. Inside, the Vikings brought their vision of a highly versatile athletic training room to life by calling in The Athletic Edge. Included in the design were eight Pro 6 …

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Maximizing Athletic Training Room Space

When Dodge City Community College in Dodge City, Kansas, opened their new dome-shaped Student Activity Center in 2016, Head Athletic Trainer, M. Brian Harvey, LAT, ATC, received some great news. A local chiropractic and physical therapy firm had generously donated $25,000 so the school could avoid using aged equipment from the old facility in their …

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High School Outfits Athletic Training Room with New Tables

School spirit is key in the branding of athletic programs, and designing locker rooms and athletic training spaces has become a popular to-do item for many team administrators. This was especially true for Jessica Rodriguez, MS, ATC, CES, who was recently hired as the first certified athletic trainer in the history of North Pointe Preparatory …

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